About Lela Stankovic

 “The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.” – Saint Augustine

Lela has always admired the great artists of past centuries like Vermeer, Titian and Rembrandt who have gifted us those timeless treasures that transcend the boundaries of time and geography.

Inspired by the Great Masters, firmly grounded in studio practice and yet pursuing cross-disciplinary inquiry, Lela continually seeks to discover new ways to give form to her voice. Lela’s art seeks to integrate the techniques of Old Masters with the inspirations from today’s world.

Lela loves to explore new elements in her Oil & Watercolor paintings and her paintings and drawings reflect the joy to be had in simple things… the exuberance of the flowers…a honey bee sucking nectar..the magic of everyday life…

Wanting to share her knowledge and experience with fellow artists and help them learn about her painting style, Lela wrote a book for watercolor artists (“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages”), which has recently been published.

“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages” – by Lela Stankovic


In her book, Lela Stankovic invites you to learn her painting technique which combines spontaneity with a systematic approach and makes it easy to create stunning watercolors. Light which seems to emanate from the painting itself, freshness and vivid depth are some of the attributes of Lela’s paintings; and she has shared the key elements of her creative process in this book.

Both beginners and experienced watercolor artists would find this book of great value; and the technique shown in the book would help you explore new horizons in your art.

A Free Project For Artists – Paint And Draw Together (PADT)

  Lela Stankovic started “Paint And Draw Together”, as an “online atelier” for artists who want to connect with other like minded souls and learn from each other.

This is a free interactive group composed of nice, like minded artists – and you are invited to join in and participate in challenges. As a participant, you receive constructive advice for improvements and would be able to help by providing comments on the works of fellow artists.

As artists we are constantly evolving – exploring new and complex challenges – and your participation would help to make “Paint And Draw Together” even more exciting and enriching for all of us.

Visit & Participate:  Paint And Draw Together Blog